Kentucky Dressage Association Inc. 501c3   
Present:  Daphne Nimmons-Marvin, Michelle Morehead, Joan Gariboldi, Bonnie Becht, Sheila Woerth, Susan Posner, Bill Kraatz, Cindy Krupa-Smith, Glenn Reed

Via phone:  Allison Deaton, Kelly Azar, Laura Corsentino, Megan Carr

Meeting called to order 7:05 by Daphne Marvin.

Approval of Minutes:  
corrections – prize money is $12,100 for May Show, and total assets $226,071.49
approved with corrections

Treasurers report: Michelle Morehead
January reconciled

  • Total Assests - $229,182.58
  • CDs – matured $20,087.98
  • Chase Checking - $102,619.60
  • Chase Dressage Complex Acct. - $106,475.00

Some discussion of moving some money for larger return 


  • Going to “green” program – nolonger printing business cards
  • 1 new business member
  • Interviews
  • 4 candidates presented what they had to offer KA and fielded questions from BOD
  • BOD ranked candidates

Education – Clinics 

  1. Bitting Clinic - April 15 at Fairview Farm
  2. George Williams – April 19-20, $140 member cost, $210 for non members
  3. Gwen Poulin – 3 days n June at Spring Run in Prospect KY
  4. Lilo Fore – 3 days in August (4-6th) at Queenslake Equestrian Center

Volunteer clinic attended by 39 people

Show Committee – Sheila Woerth
Sheila reviewed some rearranging of judges and officials

  • July show will be limited to 2 rings set up in the Walnut arena
  • Freestyles in the Covered arena
  • Food for shows to be provided by Tootie
  • Snacks and water to be provided by KDA
  • Sheila has been interacting with Laura Pruitt and Ralph Alvarado
  • Discussed money owed by Pony Cup
  • Plan to send letter with invoice for immediate payment    

Impulsion – currently delayed

Website – Needs majors repair ASAP

Awards Banquet
Cindy and Joan visited venue at the Barrell House and felt there was potential
Bonnie spoke with Red Mile – cost very competitive – planning site visit

Management Position
It was determined by vote to hire Catherine Greenwood
Michelle Morehead made motion to hire Catherine Greenwood for management position
Bonnie Becht seconded
Motion carried

Kentucky Horse Council – no new information

Next meeting  4/12/2018  7p Hagyard McGee Medicine

Meeting Adjourned at 9:20