Haflingers Have Their Day

This July the Kentucky Horse Park is host to two large shows in the same weekend! The KDA show is as listed in the Calendar events page.

In the Alltech arena the American Haflinger Registry is hosting its National Sport Horse Show. Information regarding the show can be found at http://www.haflingernationals.com/

The KDA is offering AHR Breed Awards for competitors riding Haflingers at KDA USEF/USDF May and July shows. 

The July show also includes USDF North Central Breeders Series and Final July 7th and 8th, these will include Individual Breed Classes for Halflingers. If you are planning on riding your Haflinger in July, sign up for both events for twice the fun!

Refer to the preliminary <click here for Prize List> for the KDA Summer Classic I & II, KDA Breed Show I&II, USDF North Central Breeders Championship Series Final for a complete set of rules on entry to both the KDA and AHR National Sport Horse Show.