Day 1 Volunteer Week Recap

KDA is celebrating the selfless individuals of our organization this week. They drive the progress of the organization, making extraordinary sacrifices to provide the possibilities for growth on and off the horse.

Through the week, we will be posting fun Q/A's from volunteers, information, and rewards.

First in the ring, Barbara Price Morrison! We asked the long time scribe about some of her favorite moments in the box.

-What is your favorite part of volunteering for competitions?

My favorite part of volunteering is, first of all, the excellent way that KDA takes care of its volunteers. Shirts, prizes & food! Otherwise I enjoy seeing people that I only get to see at shows. Since I quit showing, volunteering is the only way I get to connect.

-How many years have you been volunteering for KDA?

I can't remember how many years I've been volunteering, but can tell you I have a volunteer shirt with 1991 on it, and I don't know if that was the first one, or the oldest that has survived. :-)

-Do you have a favorite story from volunteering?

Mostly I scribe, and as such am not supposed to repeat what the judge says, but one time from many, many years ago (so is probably safe to tell) the judge said "The top of that horse's rump is dirty." I asked if he really wanted me to write that down. He did not. LOL So short people with tall horses - beware! Also I scribed for Hilda Gurney and was amazed that she could hold a conversation about anything while she was judging - the only judge I have EVER had do that.

-What is the most famous horse you have watched ride at a KDA competition?

The most famous - at least to me -horse I've watched ride is Out and About. I had met him that afternoon and was considering buying him and was happy to see that he was being ridden in the ring I was scribing in. He won the class, and the judge told me I definitely ought to go try him. I did, and have had him for 9 years. He is 24 and retired now, but still a good and happy boy.

Thank you Barbara for all the hard work you have dedicated for the love of equestrism!