A True Sportsman Through and Through

by anonymous  

I have lived in Kentucky for a little less than two years. Making friends and having a crew to horse show with has been a bit of a challenge. One Person that has always been a friendly, smiling face at horse shows, is Amelia Foster. She is the owner, rider, and trainer of her Thoroughbred stallion, Ibboyee (Ibby), and has won numerous ribbons and classes. She started him at Intro A in 2016, and now is schooling him at Third and Fourth Levels and showing him at Second Level. In 2017, Amelia was the MSEDA Dressage High Point Adult Amateur of the Year.  Amelia is well on her way to her bronze medal after attaining her second level scores at the KDA Spring Warm up Show in May 2018.   

Good sportsmanship and good horsemanship mean always doing what’s best for the horse. Amelia Foster always puts her horses’ wellbeing before anything else, even if she must scratch all her classes or lose her entry fees. Before I really knew her, the thing that stood out the most to me was how supportive and friendly she was. She will always be there to cheer you on with a "good job regardless of how her day might be going. If you need a friend to read your test, hold your horse, or even a pep talk when you are struggling, she is there.

Five attributes I appreciate in Amelia: 1. Her horses always come first. 2. She always supports everyone else. 3. She always helps and volunteers. 4. She really wants to help others succeed. 5. She always puts her best face forward.

She’s been my friend. I’m proud to know her. You will be, too, when you meet her.