Volunteer perks include catered lunch, a variety of snacks in the volunteer office, a quality-comfort KDA t-shirt, and prize drawings every 4 hours.


Qualifying for Year-End Awards

To qualify for KDA Year-End Awards, all hours must be at KDA events and earned between October 1st and September 30th of the competition year.  Four hours must be earned by the member to be eligible for KDA Year-End Awards and Grants. Volunteer hours will be approved by the KDA member in charge of the event listed above. 


Contact Us!

To volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordination, Sandy at kdavolunteers@gmail.com

Volunteer Hour Recorder

Allison Deaton
10206 Blue Creek Dr
Louisville, KY 40229


Rider must complete 8 volunteer hours to be eligible for year-end awards.

Volunteer hours can be earned between September 30 of the previous year through October 1 of the competition year.

   •      All 8 volunteer hours must be earned from a KDA run show, clinic, or sponsored event.

   •      Recruit new members (1 hour per new member—new member defined as someone who has never been a KDA member or someone who has not been a member 5 or more years).

   •      Solicit sponsors for any KDA Show or event totaling $300 and do not request a free stall at the show (earns 4 hours). All sponsorship go to Michelle Morehead for approval to avoid duplicating sponsor contacts.

   •      Write an article that gets published in our Impulsion Newsletter (2 hours of credit). The article must be approved by the President and be a minimum of 750 words. (Cannot use articles written for scholarships or educational grants)

   •      Design and conduct an educational seminar/workshop for KDA members. Credit given as follows: 1 hour seminar = 1.5 hours credit; 2 hour seminar = 3 hours credit; 3 or more hours seminar = 4 hours credit.

   •      Active participation for a year on either the KDA Board or a KDA Committee. See KDA By Laws or and Policies and Procedures for other official committees. Participation on the KDA board will earn 8 volunteer hours if a minimum of 8 meetings are attended.

   •      Two hours may be earned per $75 of merchandise or services donated to a KDA fund raising effort (with a maximum of 4 hours per year). These must be approved by the President of KDA.

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At the Show

An emotional “high” kicks in whenever I set off for Lexington to volunteer at a Kentucky Dressage Association show. It’s an exciting feeling, knowing that I soon will be seeing so many old friends. There are always hugs all around when I arrive and a sense of coming home to family.

The show volunteers are the early risers, the preparers, the ones who willingly endure working in heat, humidity, wind, rain, and cold. They assemble and take down the arenas, run the scores, check the bits, calculate the test scores, and make sure that riders enter the arena on time. They work together for the riders and their horses, the sport, and the success of the Kentucky Dressage Association.

There is another side of volunteerism and the collegiality it engenders: the sense of fulfilment you receive when you work side by side with equine experts. It’s the opportunity to learn about horses, riding, training, judging, and competing. It’s
the chance to ask questions, passively observe, actively debate, and energetically challenge. Lunchtimes are always lively and convivial.

If you aren’t volunteering you are missing a marvelous opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and support the sport we all love. Being a KDA volunteer gives you a wonderful sense of belonging, and working for a top-notch show team at a world-class facility has unforgettable rewards. Make a change, contact KDA --- and volunteer!!
~Robin Weinstein